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Beauty Pageant Winner Puts Focus on Eating Disorders

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Samantha Osteen was crowned Miss. Augusta on Saturday in the 36th annual scholarship pageant. This beauty queen has an agenda - eating disorders. Although, this beautiful young lady is the “picture of perfect health” today that was not always the case.

Samantha’s Goal

Samantha knows all to well the struggles of an eating disorder. She grew up with eating disorders and body image issues. Now, that she has recovered it is her goal to spread awareness about eating disorders. She was not alone in her struggles many of her friends also struggled with body image problems and eating disorders. This just goes to show that there are so many young girls and woman who struggle with an eating disorder everyday and no one really seems to notice.

Samantha is a senior studying at Georgia Tech she is studying science technology and culture. She has already worked in the public health field and has done internships at Emory for the past two summers in the field of research endocrinology, which is closely related to diabetes and eating. She may decide to attend dental or medical school. She would certainly make a difference in the world if she decides to attend medical school.


Samantha is excited to start raising awareness about eating disorders in her hometown of Augusta, Georgia and the larger surrounding areas.