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Body Issues - Women Willing to Give Up Sex to be Thin


Fitness magazine's new diet survey - a survey that underscored the serious self-esteem and body issues many women have today. When a woman is willing to give up sex for a year there is a problem!

Interview Statement from Hartstein

In addition, the message is resulting in dieting at younger and younger ages, and that's "so disturbing," Hartstein told co-anchor Rebecca Jarvis. "And we're hearing more and more about eating disorders starting so much younger, and really starting in middle school. In addition, the fact of the matter is that we focus on appearance in little girls much more than we do in little boys. Therefore, that message starts at five, 6 years old. Therefore, we need to start to build in our girl’s ways to feel confident and self-assured, and really build their self-esteem on things that do not tie to appearance -- athletics, art, and school, anything else that is not tied to how they look and really praise those things more. Because that is what they need to hear. And that's what's going to build a difference in their future, so they don't have to focus on appearance as much as we might now.”


Everywhere you look on TV, in magazines, the movies there are thin girls and women it is sad to say but eating disorders are developing as a result of the media.