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College Peer Group Offers Support and Awareness


A college works to raise awareness of eating disorders and offer support groups:

"Many argue that mass media outlets present women with unrealistic standards for how they should look and eat.

"The media is a significant factor in the development of eating disorders," said Wellness Director Emily Nagoski. "Acceptance of the 'thin ideal' as promoted by the media is a major risk factor, as is body dissatisfaction."

According to Smith affiliated nutritionist Kelly Sellato, mass media is arguably not the sole cause of disordered eating. The other causes are much more complex.

Eating disorders, she explained, "aren't really about the food."

"Food is just the substance to manipulate as a way to cope with other, deeper life issues," said Sellato.

Nagoski agreed. "Stress, mood, anxiety and loneliness underlie almost all maladaptive health behaviors, from disordered eating to dangerous drinking," she said."

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