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Dieting Linked To Eating Disorders


According to a press release from the British Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy (BACP), the results of a new study will be presented at their annual research conference demonstrating a strong link between people who constantly diet and the development of full-blown eating disorders.

The study found that people who diet in an attempt to lose weight only for the sake of appearance often have a low self-esteem. When they diet, it is often in an attempt to gain more control of their lives or make life better in some way.

Unfortunately, as the dieting progresses, the focus becomes on losing weight and creating an ideal body rather than addressing the underlying psychological issues of low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Also, these issues become more and more intwined with a person's physical appearance. The cycle continues to the point of obsession in a manner similar to that experienced by people with eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulemia, and binge eating disorder.

The primary author of the research concluded that many people who claim that they are "just dieting" may actually have, or be at an increased risk for, developing an eating disorder. This could be easily missed by physicians or other healthcare professionals in a society that emphasizes thin as the healthy and ideal body-type.

You can read the press release at the BACP website at