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Facebook Linked to Eating Disorders


It should come as no surprise that social media sites like facebook is delivering the model thin image right to the computer screens of teens all across the world. This inspirers body image issues and symptoms of eating disorders on a global scale among teenagers.

Sites That Encourage Eating Disorders

“A growing number of sites called Pro-ana (for pro-anorexia) and Pro-Mia (pro-bulimia) are motivating American teens to pursue their eating disorders, according to researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Stanford University School of Medicine, reports Time magazine.”


These sites offer what is called “thinspiration” the study refers to pictures of celebrities and models who are dangerously thin. These websites offer techniques for staying thin and get thin quick ideas and diets. Several of the sites have forums and message boards for the teens to interact with other teens who feel the same way.


The study indicated that social network sites such as facebook has a huge impact on the teens. It not only allows teens with the same “issues” to communicate but it allows them to create their own ideas that can cause eating disorders and lead to a deadly disorder.