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Love Your Body Week


Every year in January Tiffany Geiger, who is a senior majoring in Nursing participates in a program at a woman’s center to help young women feel good about their body image.

Tiffany’s Story

When Tiffany began intensive treatment for her anorexia she only weighted 81 pounds when she graduated from the program she weighted 117 pounds. "It all began when I decided I wanted to lose a few pounds. I started running every evening and choosing healthier food options.” It sounds like a healthy way to lose some weight, but Geiger further explained, "Once I dropped a few pounds, I began running more and restraining foods. My diet continued to become more restricted and my calorie intake began to decrease dramatically I felt an intense fear of becoming fat; I could not bear to gain a pound. I refused to admit or acknowledge the seriousness of my weight loss."

How Love Your Body Works

The concept behind Love Your Body is to teach young woman about self-confidence and accepting themselves and loving themselves just the way they are. Teenagers and young women in college need all the self-confidence they can get and by Tiffany sharing her story and providing insight and support into her presentation allows for the audience to not only understand the consequences of their actions but to see and hear what anorexia is really like from a woman who has been to the brink and back!