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New Study Indicates Eating Disorders may be Linked to TV Watching


In a recent study performed at Harvard medical school uncovered that some girls end up with their eating disorder as a result of watching television. It was also reported that several girls with eating disorders who did not have access to a television picked up the habit from their friends who did.

The Study

Researchers at Harvard found that girls had a 60% higher risk of developing an eating disorder if she or her friends watch television on a regular basis. The girls in the study were followed for a ten-year period.

Negative Impact from Watch TV

One would think that a girl would develop an eating disorder by sitting on the couch for hours watching television and stuffing themselves full of junk food at least according to the title of the study. However, that is not the case. These girls who developed an eating disorder and many girls who develop an eating disorder every day has to do with the negative impact the media as on girls.

Nearly every television show or commercial shown on TV has a beautiful thin (too thin most of the time) girl or woman in it. Researchers say this causes a negative impact on young girls in our society. The television is telling them you have to be thin!


These impressionable girls are becoming thin alright so thin they are anorexic or repeating a vicious cycle of binging and purging. Parents should be monitoring the amount of TV time and the shows watched by their daughters to help fight back against the negative impact the TV can have on our daughters, which can have devastating results.