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New Study Suggest Exercise as a Treatment for Eating Disorders


The study lead by the University of Florida showed that the psychological
Benefits from exercising may be an ideal treatment for people suffering from an eating disorder with the exception to those who suffer from over exercising.

The Study

Five hundred and thirty nine average weight students participated in the study. The first step in the study was a survey to see how many of the participants were at risk for developing an eating disorder. The results were that the majority did not show any indication of an eating disorder in the future. The participants were also asked about their personal exercise routines and if they may be at risk for developing an exercise addiction. The researcher Heather Hausenblas, Ph.D., determined by the answers to the questions asked that exercise could in fact be a possible for people who suffer from certain eating disorders. Exercise releases hormones in the brain the release stress and make people generally feel better about themselves and lives.


Heather Hausenblas, PhD would like the next step in the study to work with people who have eating disorders and over several months to evaluate first hand the effects that exercise has on people who suffer from eating disorders.