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Ninety Percent (90%) of Eating Disorders Start with a Diet

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With the national Eating Disorder Awareness Week (February 6-12), coming up there will be several campaigns about raising awareness for eating disorders. It is important to know that an eating disorder can start before a person even realizes it.


“Statistics show that at any time, 45% of women and 25% of men are dieting. In addition, that 95% of them will regain lost weight in one to five years. Pre-teens and teenagers also fall prey to dieting adolescent girls who diet have a 324% greater risk of becoming obese.”

Dieting and Eating Disorders

Not everyone who goes on a diet will developed an eating disorder even though ninety percent of eating disorders start with a diet. There are signs that an eating disorder may be developing such as eating when you are not hungry, feelings of inadequacy can lead to emotional eating which can lead to binging and purging.


If you think, you may have a problem no matter how embarrassed you may feel or silly it may seem to you, you are your own best advocate. See a professional and if you need to get treatment.