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Ninety-Seven Percent of Women have at Least One Negative thought about Their Body Each and Every Day


Is it any wonder eating disorders are on the rise 97% of women having at least one negative thought about their body is bad enough but… the average woman (teen, tween) has thirteen negative body image thoughts a day. Those women are the luckier ones some women admit to have over 30 and others over a hundred negative body image thoughts per day!

The Study

Over three hundred women participated in the study led by Ann Kearney-Cooke, Ph.D., a Cincinnati psychologist who specializes in body image issues. During the study the women were allowed to express their feelings about their bodies.

Body Image Therapy

Before an eating disorder develops, it is wise to address the negative body images a woman may have. Body image is often at the center of any eating disorder the pending eating disorder that waits and lurks around every mirror being encouraged by the negative thoughts. If you feel you have body image issues, it is best to seek help now before it is too late to put that lurking eating disorder back in its place and not in your body!