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Pediatricians Taking an Active Role in Spotting Eating Disorders in Children


Eating disorders are on the rise among children younger than 12 years old, males and minorities, according to previous studies. It is estimated that 0.5 percent of adolescent girls in the United States have anorexia nervosa, and 1 percent to 2 percent meet the criteria for bulimia nervosa.

American Academy of Pediatrics

Dr. Rosen and his team recommends that health care providers screen their adolescent patients for eating disorders annually. This will help doctors and parents to get a handle on a child’s eating issues hopefully before it gets out of hand and becomes an eating disorder.

Adolescent Eating Disorder Prognosis

“There is new research regarding treatment and prognosis that we wanted primary care providers to have. We want to give them the tools they need to do the very Rosen, who previously served on the American Academy of Pediatrics' Committee on Adolescence.”


Catching eating issues in young children will hopefully stop eating disorders in teens and young adults. If the proper treatment is provided in the early stages.