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Recent Study Shows Eating Disorders High in Jewish Communities


Regardless, of a person’s religion everyone is a candidate for an eating disorder. Eating disorders do not care what care what nationality you are, where you live, if you are male or female, a five-year-old child or a fifty-year-old woman or man. The only difference is until recently eating disorders in the Jewish communities were not reported.

Washington Post Report

In a recent article written in the Washington Post it gave a few reasons why the Jewish community is so secretive about eating disorders. The primary reason was the stigma that comes with a mental illness. Jewish people prefer to handle there own “issues” and I most cases a person suffering from an eating disorder will only be brought to the hospital when their condition has become so bad that there is no other option for saving the persons life.

The Study

The study/survey is rather shocking what researchers found was the approximately fifty percent of the Orthodox Jewish Community has an eating disorder of some type. In a Brooklyn Orthodox Jewish community, one in nineteen girls has an eating disorder.


All girls and women what to be thin. It is a socially accepted appearance anything less is not acceptable.