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Research Proves Colleges are a Breeding Ground for Eating Disorders


We have known for sometime that colleges are a prime breeding ground for eating disorders. We have terms such as drunkorexia where the students mostly females decide to drink their meals in the form of alcohol at the parties instead of eating real food. By avoiding the real food, these young women feel they will not be adding to their calorie count for the day. Then we have students with body image and low self-esteem issues that really start to come into light once they get to college another trigger for eating disorders and finally we have the I’m on my own and can eat anything I want and here comes the freshmen fifteen. Then suddenly it is crash diets to try and lose that weight another well-known eating disorder trigger.

Princeton University Study

Scientists discovered during there study that fifty-three percent of people who have had lifelong eating disorders that the disorder started in college. Randi Fogelbaum, director and coordinator of the program, explained some of these statistics. “It is a huge adaptation to move from your parent’s house to a university to have to be responsible for yourself and independent. There are so many changes that eating disorders are higher among college students.”


Randi Fogelbaum also commented on the triggers of eating disorders being body image issues, personality types, genetics, and environmental issues are all causes of eating disorders among college students.