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The American Academy of Pediatrics is Taking an Active Role in the Prevention of Childhood Eating Disorders


When children as young as eight years old begin, displaying signs of an eating disorder there is a problem. When the number of children/teens who are diagnosed with an eating disorder increases by 119 percent for children under the age of 12 there is a serious problem.

How Pediatric Doctors Plan to Help

Recently a set of guidelines was released by the American Academy of Pediatrics the guidelines are to help doctors recognize a potential for and or an eating disorder in their patients.

Genetic Component

Researchers have discovered that there is in fact a genetic component with eating disorders. However, not everyone with an eating disorder has a genetic connection. Leaving a more dominate factor - nature/nurture.


Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about body imagine and to avoid words such as fat, tubby or any word that would put the idea in their child’s head they are over weight or fat.