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There may be a Link between Eating Disorders and Financial Income


Several mental health professionals that specialize in eating disorders often report a common ground with financial income and eating disorders. Doctors believe there is a common ground between the two.

Financial Aspect

The financial aspect is two sided even though the individual may earn a decent or even a very good income they may choose to spend the money on items besides food. Especially if they have an addiction such as cigarettes, alcohol and gambling. Therefore, the money to provide proper nutrition for themselves and even their family becomes a low priority. Often times in the eyes of a young girl or boy who does not know or understand that they money is being spent elsewhere may feel like they need to eat less so the entire family can eat. This is very common in girls with low self-esteem they may not feel worthy of the food provided for them if it is minimal and this can be an eating disorder trigger.

Low Income

With low income families the situation is similar the young girl or boy may choose not to eat much or at all and this too can lead to any eating disorder.


Of course, the parent(s) do not realize their daughter or son may be developing an eating disorder as a result of their actions. Kids are very good at hiding their emotions and eating disorders.