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Understanding Pregorexia


Pregorexia is an eating disorder that affects pregnant women. Pregorexia the term given to a condition that some pregnant women suffer from is not a “real” medical term. However, the condition is very real!

What is Pregorexia?

Pregorexia much like it sounds is a form of anorexia that some pregnant women suffer from. The woman does not have to have anorexia to develop pregorexia.

Pregorexia is a term used to describe a situation in which a pregnant woman becomes preoccupied with controlling her weight gain through extreme dieting and exercise. According to Roger W. Hams, at the Mayo Clinic.

Risks for Infants Born to Women with Pregorexia

“Higher rates of miscarriage; infant mortality; premature birth; low birth-weight; low APGAR scores; malformations (including cleft lip and palate); smaller head circumference; respiratory problems; failure to thrive; delayed development; cognitive, sensory, and physical defects; disturbed feeding behaviors; depression.” Although in most cases regardless of how hard a woman tries to lose weight during pregnancy, she is unsuccessful so the risks are rare.