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Understanding Selective Eating Disorder


Picky Eaters

Selective eating disorder is what many scientists refer to as a “picky eater” these individual will only eat specific foods and combination's of foods. This is most often seen in childhood. Although, resent studies have concluded that the once common words used to label children who would only eat a few specific foods has grow into an adulthood eating disorder known as selective eating.

What is Selective Eating Disorder

Selective eating disorder is a fairly new eating disorder. The individual will only eat specific foods and often has a phobia about specific foods. For example if a person has a food allergy to strawberries this can cause a food phobia to all citrus fruits therefore, the person will not eat any fruits that fall under the citrus category out of fear of having an allergic reaction to those foods as well even when there is no evidence that they are allergic to grapefruit. In extreme measures even people who have been tested for allergies to the said grapefruit and have found not to be allergic they still refuse to eat it “just in case” making this a food phobia.


Researcher Nancy Zucker has concluded that picky eaters do not experience food and the taste of certain foods the same way people without selective eating disorder do. More research is needed to come to a solid conclusion of why some people react this way to certain foods and how much they can be helped.