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30 percent of moms hate their bodies


Getting rid of post-pregnancy "baby weight" can be a daunting task for many new moms.

And a recent online poll conducted by TODAY Moms found that about one-third of moms hate their bodies.

“I hate my body after four kids and four C-sections,” Liz Capra Whitby told TODAY Moms. “No time or energy to do anything about it, and I'm so sick of people saying ‘make time’ or ‘prioritize.' That's just not reality. I love my kids, hate my body.”

Judgment, pressure and perfection

The poll found that about two-thirds of moms also worry about what their partners think of their bodies - a pressure magnified by Hollywood mom celebs who look perfect after popping out a few kids, says Michelle Noehren, creator of the CT Working Moms blog.

“We live in a culture of judgment, and a culture that really expects women to be perfect and have perfect bodies no matter what else you have going on in your life,” Noehren said.

Noehren bared her imperfect post-baby body in a photo that went viral last year, inspiring other women to not be ashamed of their bodies.

"I look at my daughter and think, 'I don’t want to give her these kinds of hang-ups about her body.'"

What women want

The poll found that most moms are hung up about their stomachs - 58 percent said it's their least favorite body part, and two-thirds said they would rather lose five pounds than get a romantic Valentine's Day gift from their partner.

And when asked whether they would want perfectly behaved kids for one month or a rockin' model body? The moms were split down the middle.

Not all of the news was negative, however, as one-third of moms said that having kids made them feel more confident and powerful.

“I was the most confident about my body a week after I delivered my second baby (now 4 months),” Amber Melo told TODAY Moms. “I was back in a bikini before three weeks postpartum. I didn't look my best ever but was so proud of what my body was capable of. I love my body.”

Source: TODAY Moms