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5 ways to get involved with Eating Disorders Awareness Week


The last week of February marks the beginning of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (Feb. 22-28), and there are plenty of ways to get involved and show solidarity for the cause.

Whether you're just an individual with a purpose or an organization wanting to help spread awareness, consider joining the movement in one of the following ways:

Create a life-size Barbie

This guide from the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) includes instructions on how to create a life-sized Barbie.

"We suggest you get together with a group of friends to build your Barbie and secure a highly visible location for your display," the guide stated. "This project is a great conversation starter to raise awareness about how the cultural pressures we all face can contribute to behaviors that trigger the onset of an eating disorder."

Host a smashing scales event

Smashing scales as a representation of shattering unrealistic body image ideals has become a popular tradition during Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

These instructions explain how to host a smashing scales event in your community or on your campus.

Get involved in the "Sock it" campaign

The "Sock it to Eating Disorders" campaign helps to raise money and awareness for eating disorders and includes wearing funky, colorful socks.

Use this step-by-step plan to get involved in the "Sock it" campaign or to host your own event.

4. Have a screening event

NEDA offers a simple online screening tool that individuals or organizations can use to help at-risk individuals or people looking to learn more about eating disorders.

This PDF includes information about how to host your own screening event in a community space, your home or on campus.

5. Host a film night

This resource guide explains how to set up a movie screening in order to raise more awareness and encourage dialogue about eating disorders.

A video resource list makes it easy to find appropriate films to show that will be most helpful for your audience.

For other ways to get involved and to promote NEDA week on your website or social media accounts, take advantage of the free materials offered on NEDA's website.

Source: NEDA