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A Barbie doll that promotes healthy body image?


Creator of the 3-D "real Barbie," artist Nickolay Lamm is launching a new line of dolls that will use real women's measurements in an effort to help promote healthy body image ideals to young girls.

Last year, Lamm made headlines when he photographed his appropriately proportioned Barbie doll next to the real thing, showing that original Barbie's measurements are nothing short of ridiculous when it comes to how real women look.

'Average is beautiful,' says Lamm

Now, Lamm reveals his concept for his new Lammily Doll line, which aims to show that dolls with real women's proportions are beautiful and appealing.

"I simply wanted to prove that fashion dolls could look good if they had average proportions. Average is beautiful," said Lamm.

A Pittsburgh-based artist, Lamm has received an overwhelming amount of attention from both the media and consumers who are applauding him for this project.

"I wanted to promote a healthy body image when I created the 'Normal Barbie,'" he said. "But I had no idea it would garner as much press attention as it did. The popularity of this project showed that people like that kind of body in a doll."

If the original Barbie were a real person, experts say should would be 6 feet tall with a 16-inch waist and a 39FF bra size – hardly realistic proportions at all.

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Source: Examiner