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Eating Disorder Awareness Week: Get Involved This Year


Feb. 23 marks the beginning of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week 2014, but it's not too early to start thinking about how you can participate.

The theme this year is "I Had No Idea," which aims to raise awareness about how hidden and secretive most eating disorders are and to educate the public on how these conditions impact individuals, families and communities.

Healthcare providers, students, social workers, educators, individuals and organizations across the nation will participate in various outreach efforts for NEDAwareness Week, but the concept is simple: do just one thing to help raise awareness about eating disorders. You can distribute pamphlets, put up posters, become a volunteer speaker, get active on Facebook, or help plan a community meeting or movie screening.

The website of the National Eating Disorders Association states, "We urge you to talk about the pressures, attitudes and behaviors that shape these disorders with your family, friends, colleagues and community by doing just one thing during NEDAwareness Week."

Website offers tips on how to participate

NEDA's website lists different events that are taking place across the country, as well as information about how to contact a speaker if you're hosting an event yourself.

The organization also has infographics, articles, webinars and other resources for learning more about eating disorders. NEDA also sells copies of "Someday Melissa," a powerful film about a 19-year-old girl who lost her life to an eating disorder.

To stay in touch on social media, use the hashtag #NEDAwareness and visit NEDA's Facebook page here.

Source: NEDA