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Eating 'shock collar' recommended for FDA approval


In the same way that a dog shock collar will keep a canine from barking, a new type of device is up for FDA approval that would prevent people from having the unnecessary urge to eat.

The Maestro Rechargeable System stimulates nerves in the stomach which then help curb appetite, reports Blisstree's Erin Kelly:

While not an actual obesity shock collar, this gadget doesn’t send harmful shocks to your tummy when you pick up a slice of cake or think about ice cream. Instead, it works as a nerve-blocker to curb hanger pangs, making you feel full. Aimed at obese adults with a BMI (your body mass index) over 40, the Maestro Rechargeable System is marketed as an alternative to weight-loss surgery.

Is it safe?

The device has recently been recommended for approval by the FDA’s Gastroenterology and Urology Device Panel, but five of the nine-person panel have concerns about the device actually working.

The gadget would be surgically implanted in the chest, delivering high-frequency electrical pulses to the vagus nerve, which helps to control many organ functions.

Since the FDA usually follows the recommendations of its advisory panels, it's likely the device will be approved soon, Kelly concluded.

Source: Blisstree

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