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Former Vogue editor says models eat tissues to stay thin


In a new tell-all book called "The Vogue Factor," Vogue Australia editor Kirstie Clements reveals some dirty secrets about the fashion industry.

Namely, that super-skinny models will resort to eating tissues to help them feel full. Some of them even spend time on a hospital drip just to stay thin.

Sound too horrific to be true? It's not, says Clements — and it gets worse.

Clements was fired from her position with Australian Vogue last May, and her expose describes just how unforgiving the fashion world can really be. She describes spending days with one model who didn't eat for 36 hours, others who are so weak with hunger they struggle to walk and how girls can be thin, or "Paris" thin — the latter describing women who are thin enough to be cast in European shows.

Business Insider reports: "When a model who was getting good work in Australia starved herself down two sizes in order to be cast in the overseas shows ... the Vogue fashion office would say she’d become 'Paris' thin."

The reason for Clements' dismissal is not known, but she calls it part of a "regime change" at Vogue. Some believe that Clements' book is a way of seeking revenge on the Rupert-Murdoch magazine.

Source: Business Insider