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'Hey Fattie' App Shames Women into Weight Loss


A new Japanese app uses hot anime men to shame women into losing weight.

The app, called Nenshou! for Girls, is based on an original version made for men which uses pretty anime women to offer words of encouragement and compliments to men trying to lose weight.

But the version for girls takes on a different tone – one of shame and blame, mostly. Cara Clegg at RocketNews24 explains:

In “Nenshou! For Girls” three gorgeous guys will give you the old carrot-and-stick treatment to encourage you on your weight loss journey. While you exercise, you can also enjoy a burgeoning relationship with one of the cast of ikemen (hot guys) who has been so romantically insulting you.

Lose weight, get lucky?

The app instructs you in workouts for ab toning and arm definition, and the more weight you lose, the more your hot anime men will hint at how they want to be with you.

"'Fat girl, do some more exercise, okay fattie?' It's like being in a pocket-sized abusive relationship!" writes Laura Hooper-Beck at Jezebel.

Based on research that has suggested fat-shaming only tends to backfire, the premise of the app – and the probability of its success – are questionable.

Huffington Post writer Emma Gray concludes, "Because nothing makes you want to stick to a healthy diet and exercise regimen more than being berated by a cartoon man you're 'dating,' right?"

What do you think? Would you buy an app that used insults to motivate you to lose weight?

Source: Huffington Post