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H&M praised for using a 'plus-sized' model without labeling her as one

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Women's magazines claim to be savvy about the growing trend of plus-sized models.

Every now and then, you'll turn a page and see one of these rare breeds. But more often than not, it's immediately followed by an article about toning your thighs or losing the winter chub - or yet another perfume ad featuring a gaunt-looking stick figure.

Moreover, publications are always quick to brag about their plus-sized collections, assuming that they will attract more positive attention or that women will give them a thumbs up for catering to this demographic.

That's why retailer giant H&M is being praised for a recent photo shoot they did with a "plus-sized" model: they didn't call attention to it and they didn't call her plus-sized.

Ditching the label

Size-12 model Jennie Runk was featured on the company's website, modeling their new line of swimwear, sans the somewhat degrading and misrepresentative term "plus-sized." She's just a regular girl posing for a regular fashion shoot.

"Her section isn't labeled 'Plus-Size Beachwear' - it's just beachwear, period," Jezebel's Jenna Sauers writes.

The collection that Runk is modeling is only available in sizes 14-24, but it's simply presented as "this season's new swimwear." Even the URL link to the landing page for the collection just points to "beachwear" - a seemingly small detail but one that no doubt contributes to the shame-and-blame stigmatization of normal-sized women who are constantly reminded to feel bad about their bodies while shopping.

Runk is featured in everything from cute knit cover-ups to bombshell bikinis, and customers are happy about it. Many have written thank you notes to the company's marketing department.

Last year, Runk told Vogue Italia that she's looking forward to the day when "plus-sized" isn't an entirely different category anymore.

"I think separating between 'normal' and 'plus-size' is getting a little old fashioned," she said.

Source: Huffington Post
Image via H&M