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Michigan plastic surgery billboard gets spray painted with positive message


A billboard in Jackson, MI was vandalized last week - but the graffiti came with a positive message.

"You're beautiful" was tagged across the billboard, which was an advertisement for Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery office featuring the words, "Friends don't let friends muffin top."

According to local news outlet M-Live, another billboard from the company was taken down after people from the community complained. The first billboard used the phrase "size matters" and two coffee cups - one large and one small - to convey the value of breast implants.

Just for laughs?

According to the company's Facebook page, the muffin top billboard was intended for laughs, yet many people have expressed their distaste for the company's sense of humor.

"I think this is yet another assault on the beauty of the human body and the self-esteem of especially woman [sic] young and old," the Huffington Post quoted from a Facebook user. "I am appalled to see this especially after the insult on breast size."

Others, however, argue that the billboards shouldn't be taken so seriously.

"The sign should indicate that you can be what ever YOU want to be, NOT that a certain way is right while another is wrong," one Facebook user wrote. "Plastic surgery is for people who are unhappy with the way they are, and that could be for any multitude of reasons.

Source: M-Live, Huffington Post
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