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ModCloth says no to Photoshop

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Fashion retailer ModCloth is objecting to the idea of unrealistic body image standards by vowing to no longer use Photoshop on their models.

As the first retailer to the sign the "Anti-Photoshop Pledge," the vintage-inspired clothing company promises not to alter the shape, size, color or proportion of its models bodies in photos, as well as to not remove or enhance any physical features of the models post-production.

The move is a celebration for not just women everywhere, but for activists behind the Truth in Advertising Act, which is a bill that calls for government regulation of what many might consider deceptive advertising.

ModCloth disappointed in fashion industry

In an open statement addressing the decision to ban Photoshop from the production process, ModCloth says it has "always been a champion of depicting real women rather than idealized, unhealthy, Phtoshopped versions of what women 'should' look like."

According to ModCLoth's CMO, Nancy Ramamurthi, signing the Anti-Photoshop Pledge was a "no-brainer," and the movement is a call to action for changing the fashion industry as a whole.

“It‘s easy for us to sign on to something celebrating real people,” Ramamurthi said. “When you see in the public this kind of change in attitude of embracing a company that does what’s right, companies will make the shift.”

Source: Forbes, NEDA
Image courtesy of Witthaya Phonsawat/