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Plus-sized woman struts around in bikini on streets of Hollywood to promote healthy body image (Video)


What do you do when you're fed up with mainstream ideals about beauty?

If you're Amani Terrell, you put on your bikini and walk up and down the streets of Hollywood, hoping that baring your skin will help to make a statement that every body type is beautiful.

According to MyFox LA, the 260-pound woman has been turning heads lately in efforts to change Hollywood stereotypes about beauty and thinness. Stripping down on Hollywood Boulevard, Amani has been seen strolling around as if it weren't a big deal to be a plus-size woman in a bikini.

Response divided

As reports, some people are giving her positive feedback, claiming that her message is important, while others don't appreciate "the visual aspect" of a larger woman in such skimpy clothing.

"Amani Terrell has definitely stirred social media up about the images from Hollywood," writes Jodi Jill. "People who have seen the story are talking about body images and the lines are divided when it comes to what people think is an appropriate weight versus accepting people as they are today. Even Terrell admits she needs to lose a few pounds, but she doesn’t think that should change how she feels about herself."


Sources: MyFox LA, Examiner
Photo credit: Amani Terrell/MyFoxLA