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Pro-Ana T-Shirts on Apparel Website Spark Online Controversy


T-shirts that glorify and promote eating disorders have been spotted on - sparking Internet outrage.

The shirts feature phrases like "provocatively hungry," "alluringly anorexic" and "beautifully bulimic." The apparel is made by user IOANAcolor - who is self-described as a "girl interested in making things, colors, humor."

'Promoting and glorifying fashion's deadly diseases'

A petition to remove the shirts from Spreadshirt's website has been started by Matan Uziel, an Israel resident who says the clothing "glorifies fashion's deadly diseases by providing platforms for ignorant individuals."

Uziel also notes that the website sells "Nazi chic" merchandise.

"There is nothing ethical about wearing or carrying an item that symbolizes (even vaguely) the decades of struggles and pains of Holocaust victims and survivors," Uziel wrote. "Nothing about mocking young people fighting against anorexia or bulimia either in the name of artwork either."

Uziel is asking supporters to use the hashtags #healthnotwealth and to tweet to @spreadshirt_de to help in the cause. He hopes Spreadshirt will remove the offfending merchandise.

"We are deeply disappointed to see such offensive listings by Spreadshirt because these are outright wrong," he said. "By keeping the t-shirts, Spreadshirt is playing a great role in trivializing the phsyological and physiological complications of anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders."

Uziel's petition can be signed on's website.

Source: People
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