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Survey says: Most women want to kick size zero models off the runway


Women may aspire to be thin, but a new survey reveals that they draw the line somewhere.

A Coupon website conducted the poll, which found that most American women "want to see a ban on size zero models used in New York Fashion Week."

How skinny is too skinny?

The survey was given to 1,947 women all around the U.S., and 71 percent of them said they were interested in fashion, but most of them - 64 percent - said they didn't want size-zero models strutting their stuff, and 16 percent said they would prefer to see plus-sized models on the runway.

When asked why they wanted the ban on too-skinny models, 62 percent said that size-zero models were poor role models to young women, 55 percent said that these models gave women a false impression of what is normal and 31 percent said the models looked dangerously unhealthy, so it was unsafe to have them walking the runway.

Is the fashion industry to blame?

The fashion industry is expert at dodging responsibility for models' health - and the role they play in shaping body image perceptions - but most women think that's a problem, with 57 percent of respondents saying the fashion industry should stop using size-zero models.

When asked what size model they would prefer to see on catwalks and in magazines, most women said size 14.

Source: The Gloss