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Victoria's Secret Protesters Wear Underwear in the Street to Demand Body Diversity


There are few places in the world where parading around the street in underwear won't turn heads.

In San Francisco, however, it's a common occurrence to see protesters doing what they can to get attention. On Saturday, this involved a group of women (and some men) outside a Victoria's Secret store in the city – bravely clad in their bras and panties.

The demonstration was organized by a group called About-Face, whose mission is to help promote women's self-esteem and positive body image by turning a critical eye on how media shapes cultural stereotypes about these issues.

Operation Real Bodies Real Love

Protesters at the event – called "Operation Real Bodies Real Love: About-Face Action of Body Acceptance and Self-Love!" – held up signs with messages like, "I pledge to love my body." The gathering was organized mostly through social media awareness, and it aimed to challenge what many believe are limiting standards set forth by companies like Victoria's Secret about what is considered sexy or beautiful.

Victoria's Secret has come under fire several times in the last year or so, promoting a controversial lingerie line called Bright Young Things (which essentially over-sexualized college-age women) and failing to launch it's promised mastectomy bra for cancer survivors.

Demand for body diversity

About-Face is calling for the representation of more body diversity from companies like Victoria's Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch.

"We want people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, abilities, genders and gender expressions to join us as we walk around Union Square," stated the event description on Facebook.

Source: Huffington Post

Photo via About-Face/Facebook