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A plate designed to curb overeating?

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Gadgets that are designed to prevent overeating (like the vibrating fork), are popping up all over the place lately, and another one has hit the market that could simplify the process of consuming appropriate portion sizes.

The ETE plate is designed to show eaters how to fill their plates with the right amounts of vegetables, starches and proteins - even when consuming dishes that include a mix of these things.

The calculations for the plate sections are based on Dutch nutrition guidelines, but the company's website states that it can be used to follow U.S.-based eating recommendations.

Size matters

Some research suggests that eating from smaller plates can curb overeating, and given the structure of the ETE plate, individuals may learn to similarly eyeball correct portion sizes better - which could impact long-term eating habits.

"It clearly shows how much vegetables we should eat, I can use it to show portion sizes to clients," one dietitian said of the ETE plate.

The plate also includes a dedicated section that is intended to stay empty, which makes it easier to move food around the plate while eating.

The first batch of the English ETE plates are currently sold out, the company's website states, but consumers can stay informed of updates through the company's
Facebook page.

Source: ETE

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