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Danish “Fat Tax” Raises Serious Concerns with the EDA


The European Dairy Association is crying foul about Denmark’s legislation to curb obesity. The tax would be levied on any food containing more than 2.3 percent saturated fat.

While the fat in food is certainly high in calories, many of these fast are necessary for proper metabolic and neurological function. The brain mass is mostly made up of fatty substances and other research has shown that a variety of fats are needed for healthy cell function. Joop Kleibeuker, the secretary general of the European Dairy Association (EDA), concurred. “Recent scientific publications reveal that the matrix of the food in which nutrients are contained has an impact on their health effect. The food matrix influences the effect that saturated fatty acids may have on risk for cardiovascular disease. Drinking milk is not associated with increased risk.”

The secretary goes on to say that taxing dairy products, even the full fat variety, is unjustified, but it may even be harmful. The law, which essential vilifies one essential group of foods, should possibly also address processed foods with added sugar, salt and flavor enhancers which are designed to make people addicted to the product.