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First year at a desk job? You may put on 10 or more pounds


You may want to stand up while you read this.

According to a recent survey by Wonderful Pistachios, women in their first year at a desk job may put on several pounds - with average weight gain clocking in at about 11 pounds.

Good intentions fail

The study found that the office is a disaster zone for most women and their eating habits, despite how much they are committed to staying healthy. Two-thirds of the survey respondents said they go to work with "good intentions," only to give into temptation at the vending machine or doughnut box later in the day. In fact, most women aren't even at work an hour before they have their first snack - the average time women eat something is 9:58 a.m.

“Snacking will always be a part of office life, and the results reinforce just how much we rely on snacks to keep us going," said Frederik Noben, brand manager at Wonderful Pistachios.

The survey also found that less than 2 percent of women are successful at eating only healthy snacks during the week, and four in 10 women say they indulge in something less-than-healthy at least twice during a work day.

Blame the environment

One in six women said their co-workers constantly talk about food, and about one-fifth said they had bought treats for the office to impress colleagues or bosses.

Compounded with long hours of sitting, little activity and boredom, women in their first year at desk jobs can easily pack on the pounds.


One in seven women said that snacking is the highlight of their day, but Noben says it doesn't have to be an unhealthy habit.

“Being prepared for the 10 a.m. craving and beyond with healthy snacks brought in from home will help keep those unwelcome pounds at bay.”

Six in ten workers even said that snacking helps them to be more productive.

Source: Female First UK

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