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How to conquer overeating when you're at a restaurant


You know the drill: You go out to a restaurant with every intention of eating sensibly but end up overdoing it anyway.

It's hard enough to avoid temptation at home, but dining out carries with it a whole new set of challenges. Here are some ways to conquer overeating when you're at a restaurant.

Eat Inside

A German study found that making a room about 10 degrees colder increased food consumption by about 20 percent. So if you're eating on a patio or somewhere outside, bring warm clothing.

Opt for Dim Lighting

Studies done at Cornell University's food lab found that people who eat in an environment that has dim lighting (and soft music) tend to consume about 200 fewer calories than people who eat in noisy, brightly lit environments.

Hold off on Alcohol

It's tempting to sip on a glass of wine or cocktail while you wait for your table, but the alcohol can interfere with satiety cues that help you know how hungry you actually are. A study from the University of Sussex found that drinking alcohol before a meal boosts short-term appetite, which can make you snack on appetizers and overindulge in the meal before you realize what how many calories you've consumed.

Order First

According to Prevention magazine, you're more likely to order something unhealthy if the person you're with does so. Ordering your food first can keep you from being swayed by something that sounds yummy but may not be as healthy.

Source: Prevention

Photo by John Nyboer