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Recent Study - Childhood Obesity not a Genetic Problem it is caused by Bad Habits


While obesity is not officially classified as an eating disorder, it is slated to be included in the classification in the near future. Despite that, it is almost but not quite yet an eating disorder more and more doctors are treating obesity as such.

Bad Eating and Activity Habits

Dr. Kim A. Eagle, a cardiologist and a director of the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center in Ann Arbor, said bad eating and activity habits are the cause of childhood and adolescent obesity not genetics.

Clinical Study

In a recent clinical study one thousands six-grade kids from Michigan participated in a program called Project Healthy Schools program (recent enactment of the federal government's new "Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010," which is designed to foster healthier school menus for the nation's 31 million children currently receiving lunch through school-based programs.”)

Clinical Study Results

The study discovered that out of the 1,000 kids 15 percent of them were obese. Almost one-third of the kids said they drank soda on a regular basis and only one third of the kids said they get regular exercise. Among the obese kids, fifty-eight percent of them watched television two or more hours a day.


Obesity is rising rapidly among children of all ages. Obesity creates body image issues and health conditions.



obesity creates body image issues and health conditions

Obesity does NOT cause body image issues; society's negative judgment towards fat people causes body image issues. Seeing only thin people in the media creates body image issues. Obesity and health conditions cannot not be summed up in the simple conclusion that obesity creates health conditions. There is a "large body" of research that disproves the theory that being fat is unhealthy for all people. Health At Every Size by Linda Bacon is a great resource to learn about the facts of weight and health. Judith Matz just wrote a great article on this topic as well. And Patti Thomas, a writer for Psychology Today brilliantly explains that more harm than good is being done by constantly repeating the phrases over and over that obesity creates health problems. Please do more research before making a sweeping generalization about fat and health and fat and eating disorders.

saddened by this article...

I find it really disheartening to see ignorance such as this "recent study" perpetuated in the media, especially on a website that claims it provides "support, news and pathways to treatment."

This "recent study" is nothing more than a biased interpretation of correlations--which does not take into account the multitude of factors for why people are larger today.(See the previous post for excellent resources on this topic) The one thing this "study" does do is reinforce negative and harmful stereotypes.

To quote the Positive Body Image article on this website :

"It's important for young men and women to appreciate and celebrate differences in body types, styles, shapes, and abilities. This is something we need to encourage from a very young age, as children are becoming more and more critical of themselves and peers physically. It's also important for parents and mentors to compliment children for WHO they are inside as opposed to what they look like on the outside. In many cases, body image becomes a focal point at an early age, which can lead to inappropriate connections between self-esteem and body-esteem. Children need to learn that their bodies are merely a home for all the beautiful assets they hold inside."

I hope the will consider acting responsibly by taking this "recent study" off their website.


Thank you for visiting our site. The publication of this news item should not be seen as an endorsement of any interpretation of the results of this study. The piece provides some details about the study and a link to more information. We consider it part of our mission to make our audience aware of published studies that come to our attention.

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