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Stress Linked to Binge Eating


Researchers have recently “officially” determined that stress is a major cause of binge eating. Especially around the holidays. The researchers also stated that any major life crisis such as the death of a loved one, divorce, buying a new home, even moving can cause enough stress for a person to engage in binge eating behavior as a result of the stress they are feeling at the time.

The Study

The study examined 110 people of which 80 were women and 20 were men between the ages of 31 and 50. All of the participants had recently gone through a stressful situation from the loss of a job, home, spouse (divorce) or moving into or out of a home.

The Results

The 20 men in the study were found to have experienced binge eating during the evening hours mostly. The woman in the study binged anytime and all the time. The women also found that they gained at least 8 pounds while the men gained about half that amount. It took the participants in the study between two weeks to six months or more to recover from their stressful experiences and stop binge eating.


Binge eating is related to stress many people who have a stressful life are overweight and even obese it is not because they choose to be they just have a problem with binge eating and use food as a comfort measure.