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The SmartPlate Can Tell You When You're Overeating


While diet and fitness apps can help you track calories and food choices, a new gadget eliminates the need to manually input information - and it can alert you when you're overeating.

The SmartPlate, which was developed by Anthony Ortiz, founder and CEO of Fitly, instantly tracks and analyzes everything you eat. With weight sensors and digital cameras that are smart enough to identify wheat bread from white bread, the device syncs with both an app and most wearable devices - allowing users to get a complete picture of their eating habits.

Based on research about eating and plate size, the SmartPlate is also designed in a unique square-circle shape: to give the illusion of a larger plate while encouraging people to actually serve smaller portions.

'Backed by science'

By instantly identifying, weighing and recording everything you eat, the SmartPlate does all the dietary "tracking" work, allowing you to judge how closely you're meeting your caloric or nutritional goals and alerting you when you have not.

"There's no one person that this is for," said Ortiz. "This is for anyone who wants to maintain a certain diet and meet a certain dietary goal."

The SmartPlate comes in a variety of colors and is safe for microwave use.

A kickstarter campaign is currently in progress for the development of the SmartPlate.

Source: SmartPlate
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