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Three Services to Help Stop Binge Eating


In order to stop binge eating, it's important to seek out support groups and resources that can assist you in the process of overcoming an eating disorder.

Treatment Options

Individuals may vary in terms of what treatment options work best for them, but here are three options:

  1. Private counseling. The first step might be to contact a private therapist who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders. You can contact a local therapist in your area by doing a simple online search or by visiting a site like My Therapist Match, where you can specify what type of counseling you're looking for and get connected with licensed professionals in your area. Private counseling is often the most effective way to treat an eating disorder, as it allows you the time and space to explore the problem in a very personalized, supportive way.
  2. Group meetings. Binge eaters can also benefit from attending 12-step meetings at programs like Overeaters Anonymous or Food Addicts Anonymous. These meetings are completely anonymous in nature and revolve around self-empowerment and community support in overcoming eating disorders or difficulties related to food. Here you can find others with whom to share your experiences, gain insight and support, and the cost is entirely free.
  3. National Eating Disorder Association. If you're looking for a wide variety of resources or extensive information, visit the website of the National Eating Disorder Association. This organization has a toll-free help hotline (1-800-931-2237), and staff can offer support and guidance, as well as direct you toward programs or resources in your area that might be helpful in treating eating disorders or giving you the help you need.

Source: NEDA