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Support Group Set up by UK Mom who Overcame Anorexia


A UK Mom who battled anorexia for more than 10 years has decided to set up a support group in order to reach out to sufferers of anorexia and their families in her local community of Bolton, Lancashire.

Elaine Gidman, who is now 36 and has 2 children, remembers the severity of her eating disorder, and the impact it had on her own family.

In an article published by “This is Lancashire”, she describes her ordeal with anorexia including the emotional turmoil she experienced which is common to those who go through the devastating illness.

Although her family was aware that she was struggling with anorexia from a very young age, Elaine was in denial, and didn’t want to be forced to eat. As family members struggled to get through to her about the severity of her anorexia, Elaine’s weight dropped to just 91 pounds. At one point, she was hospitalized, and given just 12 months to live.

Elaine was diagnosed with anorexia at the age of 13. She was sent to psychologists and psychiatrists to deal with the eating disorder, but believes that it was the birth of her son that finally prompted her to seek treatment and look after herself.

Elaine states that she started attending a support group, which she found tremendously helpful. She believes that access to support and information from fellow-sufferers of anorexia is extremely important, as they alone know what it is like to actually go through something like anorexia.

Her support group will work alongside the national eating disorders organization in the UK. She hopes to be able to offer counseling, support and understanding from the perspective of those who have been affected by anorexia, as well as raise awareness about the eating disorder.

Source: This is Lancashire