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Study Recruiting People With Eating Disorders For Microbiome Research


Researchers at the University of North Carolina and uBiome are recruiting members for a new study that will address the role of the microbiome in eating disorders.

Participation in the study is free, and those who are part of the study will receive a personalized, detailed report on the state of their own microbiome.

The microbiome is the collective "map" of various types of bacteria in the body, which can impact health in numerous ways. For every one human cell, there are about 10 microbial cells. A person's microbiome can impact everything from digestion and inflammation to nutrient absorption and skin conditions.

'Knowledge is power'

Researchers aim to study whether eating disorders can be linked to changes in gut bacteria.

Jessica Richman, co-founder and CEO of uBiome explained:

People with eating disorders can often feel alone. Although they may perhaps unconsciously exert power through their eating behavior, the truth is they're likely to believe they have little control over the actual condition itself. Participation in this study will enable them to explore what's going on inside their body as well as compare themselves with others who have eating disorders. Knowledge is power.

Researchers confirmed that the study is private and participants can benefit from learning more about themselves via sophisticated DNA sequencing.

To learn more details about the study or to participate, individuals can visit uBiome's website.

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