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High Fat Diet Causes Artery Damage Sooner Than Anticipated in Animal Study


One recent study published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Transitional Research found that mice fed a high-fat diet for only 6 weeks showed signs of changes in their arteries.

According to a report by Medical News Today, the study found, “that the structural and mechanical properties of small arteries were rapidly altered, even after only six weeks of high fat feeding. Specifically, the compliance of the smaller arteries was dramatically reduced in the mice on the high-fat diet, whereas there was no change in stiffness in the larger arteries. The researchers also found a build-up of collagen in the walls of the smaller arteries.”

The authors say that these results imply that smaller blood vessels altered early. Their stiffening, researchers say, may “play a role” in the development of high blood pressure. The debate over whether sugar or fat is at fault for heart disease continues, studies like this one are showing that both may be to blame.