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Research Shows There Could be “Unique” Genetic Links to Eating Disorders


Research as shown more than once that eating disorders could be genetically linked to the suffer’s mother. When a person thinks of genetics, we automatically assume it is wired into our DNA. However, there is another type of “genetic link” that link is produced by learned behavior. Children and teens are extremely impressionable we all know the saying our parents most likely asked us on more than one occasion “If your friends jumped off a bridge would you?”

If Your Mother Diets Constantly are You Going too

That title is the other form of genetics. In society, we refer to it as learned behavior. It is also the result of the “Blame Game” if people did not blame their parents for everything that has gone wrong in their adult life then the mental health profession would not exist. Children especially girls who grow with a mother suffers from an eating disorder or is overly conscious of her eating behavior that rubs of on the children. In many cases these child develop unhealthy eating habits and eating disorders as a result of their mother’s behavior. Therefore, it is what is called an outside genetic link.


As sad, as it may be the outside genetic link can be controlled much easier than the natural born DNA genetic link. Many mothers blame themselves when their children develop an eating disorder when in fact they are not really to blame. Learned behavior (outside genetic link) can be unlearned with the help of a therapist.