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Some Women Base Their Body Image on Other Peoples Opinions


Some women base their body image on what other peoples opinions are not on their actual body. A woman can have a nicely shaped body well with in her body mass index and still have body image issue because another person spouse, sibling, co-worker, friend or stranger may say, “Your hips look a little wide.” That comment can create an illusion of a woman with huge hips and a disported body creating a false body image for that woman even though she knows there is nothing wrong with her body. That is how eating disorders come to light especially when dealing with preteens and teenage girls.

A Woman’s Body

As illustrated in the above paragraph for many women the opinion of others is important and the opinion positive or negative has an impact on how the woman sees her own body. Body image is not just for teenage girls it is something that women carry with them through the majority of their lifetime. In a recent study it was found if a woman felt good about her body she eat healthier and exercised and generally treated her body well. If a woman does not feel good about her body (even if she should) she did not eat properly or get enough exercise and generally treated her body poorly.


Researchers determined that women look to others to see if they appreciate their body if they do then the woman is happy with her body creating a positive body image. On the flip side if others do not appreciate the woman’s body than neither does she.