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Eating Disorder Expert Helps Girls with Their Body Image

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Divya Kakaiya Eating Disorder Expert

Divya Kakaiya is a psychologist who specializes in eating disorders. She also runs the foundation called “Healthy Within” it is an extension of her private practice. The foundation sends trained volunteers into schools, to Girl Scout meets and place where girls gather to talk about self-esteem and body images.

The Foundations Goal

The foundations goal is to help girls feel comfortable in their own skin. To prevent eating disorders. Kakaiya believes that one of the main causes of eating disorders in females especially teenagers is television viewing. She points her finger at one show that she feels has a significant role in body image that show is “Friends” and also the model Twiggy she states that they both “spiked waves of eating disorders.”


Kakaiya and the Healthy Within foundation has helped many young impressionable girls with self-esteem and body image. Her thought process is to turn off the television and focus on activities that are more productive.