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Am I becoming anorexic? I'm afraid I'm losing control/insight. I don't feel like I'm even trying although I know I don't eat much, I'm at a 18 BMII and know I'm skinny but still fear food will make me fat. This is my lowest weight since 8th grade.


I am not trying to lose more

I am not trying to lose more weight but I wouldnt mind even thoug I'm already skinny. I feel like Iigjt be losing insight and maybe should seek therapy or something. As a teen I restricted and chewed and spit but I was neve an unhealthy weight so I always considered my behavior a non-priblem

Hi: Although I can't say


Although I can't say whether or not you are becoming anorexic for sure, I do sense that you are very anxious about your weight. You also raised some important issues regarding eating disorders.

A BMI of 18 or less would indicate that you are underweight. While you are already aware of this, you still indicate that you don't eat very much, and fear that eating more food will make you fat. You also mention that although you are at your lowest weight since 8th grade, you wouldn't mind losing more weight.

You also provide some clues regarding eating behavior. You talk about restricting your food intake when you were a teen, and using "chew and spit" to manage your weight. Now, you are describing feelings such as anxiety, and fear of losing control.

It is not uncommon to rationalize unhealthy eating behavior by noting that one's weight is still within a certain range. However, there is so much more to it than just keeping track of the number of pounds!

Adopting unusual or restrictive eating patterns in order to manage your weight can take a huge toll emotionally, and leave you physically malnourished and at risk for developing further complications.

I would suggest that you talk to a health professional or counselor about your concerns. You don't have to live with this much stress and anxiety surrounding your food intake and weight, as well as the constant worry of losing control and insight. There is lots of help available - please take care of yourself, and don't be afraid to reach out for help.

Wishing you well.