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have family members ever tried to force feed solid food to an anorexic?


Hi: It would not be


It would not be appropriate for family members to "force feed" solid food to someone with anorexia.

Trying to make someone eat solid (or liquid) food is extremely dangerous, as it could easily result in the person choking. When patients are provided involuntary nutrition (through tube feeding) in a hospital, it is done under careful medical supervision, and only then as a last resort in order to save the person's life.

It is very difficult for family members to watch someone suffer from the effects of anorexia. For some families, the anxiety of watching their loved ones succumb to this devastating eating disorder is overwhelming, and they react by pressuring the anorexic to eat.

Unfortunately, anorexia (and other eating disorders) is about much more than just eating food and consuming enough calories. The emotional and psychological aspects of anorexia are as damaging as the physical outward signs, and professional treatment is required in order for recovery to take place.

For this reason, the best way for families to support a loved one suffering from anorexia, is to encourage the person to get help and enter treatment.

Hope this helps.