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How does anorexia affect the daily lives of those suffering from it?


Please answer if you have

Please answer if you have anorexia. If you want to share please comment. I would like to help.

I'd like to recommend

I'd like to recommend visiting the Anorexia Support Group at to share stories and advice.

--EatingDisordersOnline Content Manager

Hello...I am fully recovered

Hello...I am fully recovered after over 37 years of being ill with anorexia. Are you wanting information, or are you needing help for youself? Can you please clarify? Thanks!!

for me, it basically

for me, it basically controlled me to the point it was what I thought about all day and everyday, everything I did revolved around my obsession to diet. In the end I drove everyone away from me because I was always so grumpy and exhausted, I never had any energy to do anything, I was always so out of it and couldnt even focus the only thing I had the energy to do was sleep. I now regret how much time I wasted and I regret making those around me that love me worried constantly its one of the hardest things to go through because its unexplainable, its like your taken over and your health is just too important to risk, my thoughts are with those suffering xx