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How long will my metabolism be damaged after one starvation episode? I've been in recovery for anorexia and reached a clinically healthy weight. However I started restricting again and just had a starving episode, will 1 bad day ruin my metabolism?


leaf...good question! The

leaf...good question! The metabolism is a very sensitive 'creature', and more so for some than for others. But on a typical day, for a typical person, that area of our bodily system continually changes to accomodate our engery level and the overall function of our bodies. One day of restricting is not likely to cause a major issue with your metabolism, but another concern would be how it is affecting your pattern of eating, or the power that the eating disorder has over you? One day will not ruin your metabolism, but it could be very harmful in the sense of your mindset and how it could affect the process of your recovery. Take care, and remember that you have the power to overcome this!

Thank you so much!:) It's

Thank you so much!:) It's great to know there's always a caring person out's been a long struggle in learning to respond to what my body asks of me, but sometimes old bad habits seem to creep up when I feel like I ate more than I "should" have or feel uncomfortably full...which is why I'm trying to just listen to what I need to eat without depriving or eating compulsively without checking in to see if I'm full and satisfied..I'm starting to realize neither extreme is a good thing!! I guess the key is to be mindful..thanks so much once again! Great blog, thank you for its link as well. love leaf

You are very welcome ?

You are very welcome ?