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How soon after developing anorexia is it common to see heart arrithmias or severe chest pain?


i have been semi-anorexic for

i have been semi-anorexic for about a year and a half. while i am at higher risk for renal failure (i have both genetic and environmental risk factors combined with not eating) i get this intense pressure in my left chest as well as significantly lowered blood pressure when standing. when i eat the symptoms go away so could this be some kind of selective heart problem?

Hi! Semi-anorexic? You either

Hi! Semi-anorexic? You either are, or you aren't. When someone has disorded eating, they are at a greater risk for cardiac problems due to starvation (whatever their weight).
Everyone is different, and vulnerable is different areas or systems in their body. What you are describing could be indications of some serious physical problems or damage. This is truly a matter of life and death. You should see a doctor immediately, and be totally honest with him/her about your eating habits. The damage that could be occuring is irreversible. Please get some help!!

thanks for the post.....the

thanks for the post.....the truth is ive been avoiding the doctor for years. i guess i don't want to be completely honest with my parents and make them worried about my condition. i can see more and more that whether my mom finds out or not, its not worth risking my health for it. i get that medical problems dont just go away and that if i dont seek help my problem will intensify and may become permanent. i made a doctors appointment to possibly get an EKG, some bloodwork, ect. i hope i can find the courage to be completely honest...

fortunately, i think there is some kind of rule about patient privacy which protects information shared in confidence with a doctor.

I am glad you are going to

I am glad you are going to see a doctor and trying to get help! You deserve to be healthy and free! There are confidentiality laws, which protect your privacy, if you are an adult. Even so, at some point, if you parents are still a very present part of your life, you may find that it's good to let them know. You may think they won't understand, but with education, most parents will be supportive. It is crucial that you be honest, or the doctor can't help you, and you can't help yourself. Good luck! You may want to check out our support site for eating disorders at There are many people in similar situations, and I think you will find that the support is very helpful. Take care..Jan